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A Learning Commons provides a learning environment with up to date resources and technical support  to encourage 21st learners to their full potential.  Our web based library system Koha is now live and  providing students access to the Learning Commons collection and digital resources 24/7.  View the new Mitford site at


Mitford parents that wish to have a login, please contact Kaitlyn Frey at RVS Email or

use the general division site which requires no login or password


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About Learning Commons

Our library has transitioned into a Learning Commons.  You may wonder what a Learning Commons is, and where did the library go? The traditional library has transformed into a vibrant, versatile learning space, where learning crackles in the air.  For more information on Learning Commons, please visit Alberta Education.


  • Monday to Friday - 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.


  • Mitford School's Learning Commons is currently manned by Library Technician, Ms. Kaitlyn Frey.
  • Ms. Frey is available any time during operational hours to discuss any concerns or issue that may arise in the Learning Commons or can be reached by Email

Replacement Textbook Costs

Math Focus Grade 5   
Math Focus Grade 6   
Math Focus Grade 7
Math Focus Grade 8  
Sightlines 7
Sightlines 8 $60.00
Voices of Canada Grade 5                           
Taking Part in Our Democracy Grade 6       
Our Canada Grade 7                                   
Worldview: Contact and Change Grade 8    
Science Focus Grade 7  
Science Focus Grade 8 

Learning Commons Policies

Visit the Policies to view detailed information.

Links and Resources

Visit the Student Resources to view a comprehensive list of links and resources for parents and students.
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