Career & Technology Foundations for 2016-2017


  • Exploratory opportunity for students, through an inquiry process, to explore their passions and interest and to form a glimpse of career possibilities

What & How

  • Providing multiple areas and opportunities for students to explore personal areas of interest (Passion Projects, The Google innovation concept).
  • Business, Technology, Natural Resources, Human Services and Business clusters.
  • Focused on skills, technology and personal career connections development.
  • Focused on building 21st Century Competencies.
  • Building Inquiry skills capacity in students.
  • Build in positive mentorship and networking between “experts” in the related field.
  • Mentorship connections fostered through personal contacts, advertising in the community and a sign up spot on the school Website.
  • ● Development of school resources to support projects such as the Maker Lab.
  • ● Field Trips to expose students to postsecondary and career possibilities.

Benefits for Students

  • Opportunities for students to explore areas of interest while building capacity to explore and innovate in the world.
  • Development of skills, technological expertise and safety practices in applicable real world context.
  • Students can access classes and teachers can be assigned based on student demand.
  • Looking forward to career opportunities multiple interests helps students identify areas to focus on in high school.
  • Investment of students into the community and the community into students.

Our Progress

  • Ran a prototype in spring of 2013.
  • Lead teachers attended CTF conference.
  • Student Registration around interests using Google Forms.
  • Scaffolding and Assessment tools being reviewed and built by staff.
  • Community sign up for “experts” built and tested.
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