Communication of Student Learning


  • Communication of Learning to enhance communication between student, parent and teacher.

What & How

  • Designed to provide scaffolding and feedback to allow students to grow into their academic potential.
  • Learner Portfolio provides a way to share the unique needs of each student and strategies that are most effective.
  • Formative and Summative Assessment
  • Sharing of assessment data with parents and students via PowerSchool so all parties recognize areas of strength and areas needing support.
  • 3 Way Conferencing to review the Learner Portfolios, review assessments to guide future growth and to establish and monitor goals
  • Building awareness and skills in the 21st Century Competencies
  • Students building Portfolios highlighting their best work.
  • Regular and sustained communication with all stakeholders.

Benefits for Students

  • Every students’ needs are identified through Learner Profiles.
  • Learner Portfolios guide instruction.
  • Students are mentored in becoming self-directed students.
  • Students 21st Century Skills are being developed.
  • PowerSchool enables parents, students and teachers to track and support student performance in real time.
  • Formative Assessments- enable students to understand areas for improvement and to master concepts prior to completing their summative evaluations.
  • Clear communication and support for students.

Our Progress

  • Learner Portfolios will be implemented in 2016-2017. Moving to a digital format.
  • 21st Century Competencies Implementation.
  • PowerSchool Tutorials for students, parents and teachers.
  • Formative and Summative Assessments. Policy HK implementation.
  • Teacher cohort working with Learning Specialists to learn how to digitally document learning.
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