Inquiry Based Learning for 2016-2017


  • Build Relevant, Real World, & Hands on Learning which engages all students to delve deeper in curricular outcomes.

What & How

  • Inquiry or Project Based Learning provides opportunities for students to delve deeper into learning through the exploration of the key understandings.
  • Teachers and students choose an inquiry question based on curricular outcomes. Together in a collaborative process they begin to explore and delve deeper into all aspects of the outcomes.
  • Promotes in depth learning and engages students in relevant, real world and hands on learning experiences in an organized (scaffolding) process.

Benefits for Students

  • Provides real world activities for student exploration and discovery.
  • Students engagement is heighten around their interest areas.
  • Students have the opportunity to work with experts and professionals from various fields.
  • Students utilize critical and creative thinking to delve deep into curricular areas. They problem solve and use innovative approaches to showcase their learning.

Our Progress

  • WaterShed Project (Grade 8).
  • Frank Slide (Grade 7).
  • Canadian Government Project (Grade 6).
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