Learning Supports for 2016-2017


  • To provide universal learning environment in which all students can strive for success.

What & How

  • Learner Profile
  • Individualized Program Plans
  • Accommodated Plans
  • Assessments
  • 5-8 Learning Support & Targeted intervention support in Literacy and Numeracy
  • Support for Complex students
  • Support for all students in the Center for Excellence
  • Facilitate access to outside experts that provide various support services to our children. For example: PT/SLT/ OT/ Pyschologist/ Behavioral Strategists, Autism Strategists
  • Support from the CDA.
  • Sensory support: sensory room, movement breaks, sensory tools, etc.

Benefits for Students

  • Every students needs are identified through Learner Profile.
  • IPP and APP are created to support students with identified needs.
  • Diagnostic Assessment for Literacy and Numeracy to support students that are struggling.
  • Targeted support for students that require support in Literacy and Numeracy.
  • Complex students programming.
  • All students can go before, at noon, after school and during classes to the Center of Excellence for additional support, enrichment and a quiet space to work.
  • Student and families are supported in accessing RVS support services.

Our Progress

  • Implemented Fountas and Pinnell Reading) and Key Math Assessments at Mitford School.
  • Level Literacy Interventionist are trained and program is being implemented. ‚óŹ RTI-Currently occurring in classes.
  • Complex Needs Programming
  • Center of Excellence is up and running.
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