Literacy Support for 2019 - 2020


  • Build Strong Readers and Writers

What & How

  • 4-8 Fountas & Pinnell (F &P) Benchmarking - draws baseline information to implement student specific programming
  • Level Literacy Intervention for students that are struggling readers
  • 4-8 Response to Intervention (RTI) for students in need of additional strategies to enhance reading and writing
  • Daily Five - Structured reading and writing approach for 4-8 students
  • Focus on building writing skills-Barbara Marconda Approach to writing


Benefits for Students

  • K-1 high student and parent involvement in reading.
  • Intensive support for children that struggle with reading & writing. Which will increase student’s reading levels.
  • Focused approach to supporting students with decoding, fluency and reading and comprehension.
  • Daily and sustain support for each student.


Our Progress

  • RTI- Every teacher is trained in Fontas and Pinnell Assessment
  • Mitford Teachers collaborating in Response to Intervention(RTI).
  • Level Literacy Intervention (LLI) for students 2 or more grade levels behind.
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