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Physical Literacy & Extra-Curricular Programs for 2016-2017


  • Promotion of the physical literacy, fitness, nutrition and health at Mitford School.

What & How

  • Enhanced programming at Spray Lakes
  • Walking Excursions
  • Fitness Training
  • Speed, Agility and Power Training
  • Structured and fun games that promote cardiovascular endurance
  • Sport specific programming in extra-curricular
  • Intramural Program
  • RVS Inter-School Sporting Events
  • Life Time Sports Exploration

Benefits for Students

  • Wide variety of physical education opportunities.
  • Enrichment activities at Spray Lakes Rec Center.
  • Fitness Training: Speed, Agility and Power Training.
  • Exposure to different movement environments.
  • Opportunity to connect health and wellness with physical education (Combine and connect units).

Our Progress

  • Walking Program
  • Take Me Outside-Teacher
  • IntraMural Program
  • Athletic Program-Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Badminton and Track and Field.
  • Life Long Sports- Skiing
  • Access to different activities due to facilities. (Yoga, Skating, Fitness Training, Floor Hockey, Zumba, Flag Football).
  • Fitness Journals (Track progress by term).
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