Mitford School Handbook 2019-2020

Principal’s Message to Students & Parents

On behalf of all our staff members, I wish you a warm welcome to Mitford School. We sincerely hope that all of our students will enjoy an engaging, successful and exciting school year.  As our school continues to evolve to meet the needs of our 21st Century Learners, I am very impressed with how our students are becoming critical thinkers, problem solvers and globally aware citizens that are learning to be self-directed. It is our goal to continue working with students to ensure that they realize their potential and develop the necessary skills and attributes to be successful in an ever changing world.

The main purpose of this student and parent information handbook is to provide a brief summary of facts that may be important to you as the school year progresses. Students and parents who are new to the school will find that this section provides you with a great deal of helpful information about school routines that will affect you and your child/children throughout the year. Please take a few minutes to read this information as it is designed to answer many of the most commonly asked questions about Mitford School.

The Staff of Mitford School provides students with meaningful, challenging, and exciting educational learning opportunities and prepares students with a strong 21st century skill set. We are very proud of our Literacy, Numeracy and Authentic programming that, along with our Communication of Student Learning (COSL) system, works to meet all learners’ needs. To support this hard work in a collaborative fashion, please take the time each term to address your child’s learner profile by setting new goals, celebrating achievement and advocating for the learning needs of your children.  We can be most successful when we work collaboratively as a team which includes students, parents, teachers, administration and support staff. We look forward to getting to know each student and parent and are excited to work together as a school community.

Nancy Dutchik, Principal


Mission Statement


Our Mission, Vision and Learning Principles at Mitford School


In our student-centric school, how students achieve learning outcomes is tailored to their individual strengths, areas for growth, preferences, interests, and learning styles.


In our student-focused collaborative culture, student learning and skill development is driven by hands-on, real-world, problem-solving experiences that are relevant to students’ lives.

Learning Principles

At Mitford School, we are committed to building a 21st Century student-centric learning community that embraces the following principles:

Student and Teacher Learning:

●      student and teacher learning is our priority

●      balance in academic, athletic and creative endeavours

●      all are empowered to think, make decisions, transfer key understandings, acquire new skills, and work together in a collaborative learning culture

●      students and teachers are a part of the learning team

●      students and teachers serve as mentors, coaches, guides and instructors


●      literacy and numeracy is embedded in every learning experience

●      students are empowered to make choices and to take ownership for their own learning

●      students participate in a blended learning approach, where they move seamlessly between face-to-face and digital environments

●      we provide students with multiple means of acquiring knowledge and of expressing what they've learned

●      we develop rich 21st Century competency-based tool boxes that allow students to resolve perplexing and engaging issues resulting in growth and “aha” moments

●      we remove barriers to learning and create opportunity for exploration within and outside our classrooms where students and teachers can tinker with learning that inspires them to delve deeper into the key understandings

●      we believe that formative and summative assessment should guide learning

●      we foster an inclusive classroom that enables students to work towards becoming self directed learners

Partnership and Community-Based Learning:

●      we value and celebrate our diversity

●      we honour mentorship from outside and within our community

●      we partner with our parents and the local community to create unique learning experiences

●      we serve our local and global communities by building understanding and generating action items that improve the quality of life for all



School Board / Education Support Centre / Mitford School Administrators

School Board:
Chairperson: Todd Brand
Trustee: Fiona Gilbert
Rocky View Schools: Superintendent of Schools: Greg Luterbach
Associate Superintendents: Susan Page
Murry Besenski
Larry Paul
Dave Morris
Transportation Supervisor: Audrey Bloxham
Mitford School Staff: Principal: Peter Fultz
Assistant Principal: Brianna Storey


School Instructional Hours

School entry and dismissal times can be found on the school website:


School Calendar

The calendar for the current school year can be found on Rocky View Schools website:

Mitford Google Calendar:

For significant dates for the year, and ongoing dates, as events are added, please see the calendar on our school website:


Absences From School


Parents are asked to help ensure students attend school on time and on a regular basis. Regular attendance is important to learning. If your child is absent or late for any reason (illness, appointment, vacation, etc.) the school must be notified by phone call or written notification. You are encouraged to leave a message on the school voice-mail system if your child will not be attending school on a particular day. If absentee notification is not received, a phone call will be made to the home or work place.

*Please note if a child is well enough to be at school they are expected to go outside for recess and lunch breaks and to participate in all activities.*


If a student becomes ill during the day, parents will be contacted and expected to make arrangements to have their child picked up and signed out at the office.


Please try to schedule appointments outside school hours or on professional learning days. Should it be necessary for a student to leave during school hours, please inform the office and teacher. Students must be signed out at the school office by a parent or guardian.


If a student is absent for a prolonged period of time due to a vacation, an “Extended Leave Information” form is to be completed and submitted to the office. This form allows teachers to give students instructions regarding missed work, or to plan for the completion of assignments, writing of tests or quizzes when the student returns. It is not the responsibility of teacher to get students caught up upon return and families will need to ensure that missed work is completed and submitted upon return to school.

Form can be found at:


Students who arrive late must check in at the school office to obtain a late slip. Late arrivals are extremely disruptive to classroom instruction, to other students and do not provide the best start to the day for the student. Chronic lates will be referred to Administration.


Admission of Students

Grades 6 – 8

Families who plan to move into the school’s catchment area may enroll their children before they actually move in. (see above link for registration form). As soon as a property is purchased or rented, parents may register their children and transport them to and from school until their occupancy date. The value of this early introduction to school is that the children start the school year in their new school, their education is not disrupted, and they have the opportunity to make new friends.


Cell Phone Use by Students

Students who have cell phones at the school are required to keep them in their lockers during class period. Students are welcome to use them during recess and noon hour. Cell phones can only be used during class time or on a field trip when requested by the teacher for a designated learning task. We ask that all students keep in mind that they have signed a Responsible Use Agreement and that all digital tools must be used in appropriate ways.


Child Development Advisor (CDA)-Lindsay Hill

The CDA, Lindsay Hill provides valuable support systems and advice to assist students and families with behaviour and emotional difficulties. The program offers a full range of services at the school which includes: proactive and preventative programs, as well as intervention with issues that have already been identified.

More information can be found on the school website:


Clean Shoe Policy

All students, parents & staff are required to remove dirty / wet footwear upon entry to the building. Proper athletic footwear, that will not mark the floor surface, must be worn for all Physical Education activities. No street shoes are allowed in gym classes. Appropriate, safe clothing and footwear is required for CTF & Science labs. Please ensure your child’s name appears in all footwear.


Dress Code

Students and staff are expected to wear appropriate, respectful clothing when at school.

For clarification:

●     halter tops, tube tops, spaghetti strap tank tops shall not be worn

●     hats, toques, bandanna's, or hoods up on “hoodies” shall not be worn in the school

●     chains hanging from pants or wallets are not permitted

●     clothing having racial, sexual, vulgar, unsafe or offensive slogans or images shall not be worn

●     sheer clothing shall not be worn

●     undergarments should not be exposed

●     clothing with shoulder straps (i.e. tank tops) shall have straps that are at least the width of two adult fingers

●     dresses or shorts be an appropriate and respectful length, often we utilize no shorter than the length of hand along the leg.

●     there shall be no exposed midriffs (i.e. “belly” tops) or sides (i.e. “peek a boo” tops), low-cut necklines or otherwise inappropriately revealing clothing worn

●     There is a two-shoe policy at Mitford.  Outdoor shoes shall be changed for clean indoor shoes upon entering the building. Non-marking athletic shoes with laces or straps that fit well and provide good ankle support shall be worn in the school gymnasium.

If clothing is deemed inappropriate by teachers/administration, the student will be asked to put a “hoodie” or sweater on, change into gym strip or phone home to request a change of clothes. As a last resort, the student may have to borrow some clean gym strip from the office.


Entrances to school

In an attempt to avoid congestion, students are expected to enter and leave school via their designated doorways. During the school day (when children are in class) the student doors are locked. This is a safety precaution to avoid unauthorized persons entering the building without clearance. All visitors must use the main entrance, report to the school office and sign in and out. They will be issued a “Visitor” badge to confirm the authenticity of their visit.

Parents, who are dropping off or picking up their child at regular bell times, are kindly asked to wait outside of the school at their child’s designated door.


Fundraising at Mitford School


The purpose of fundraising is to collect donations to:

●      help those in need, whether locally or globally

●      provide items in school, which a school can not normally afford


●      to make a difference in the world, locally and at school, through fundraising

●      to minimize how often we ask our community for donations

●      when money is generated for school-based purposes, 100% of those donations go towards those items


We believe fundraising is an important part in developing the whole child.  It helps our community give of their resources to benefit others.  Fundraising speaks directly to the 21st Century Skills of:

●      Globally Aware: the understanding of an interconnected world and a citizen’s role within society

●      Civically Engaged: reflects commitment to democratic governance, social participation, and advocacy

●      Financial and Economically Literate: understand and evaluate personal and global economic issues

This however, needs to be done in a systematic, balanced way, where we are not taxing our community.  With this in mind, in consultation with students, parents and teachers, fundraising initiatives would follow these guidelines:

1.    Limits to Student driven fundraising per year:

●      One Global Initiative (ex. We Day initiative)

●      One Local Initiative (ex. Heart and Stroke Foundation)

●      One Classroom/Grade Group Initiative - these fundraising events would only affect parents and students of a particular grade group.  This would not be a school-wide event.  (For example: raising funds for endangered species)

2.    One School Based Fundraising Initiative Per Year

These fundraisers are for school-based items, which directly affect the majority of our population.  Rather than having multiple items throughout the year, we will hold one event for donations per year.  This may be a “thon” based event.  For example: Supporting students for a Run-a-thon. These monies would directly be used for Mitford School.

3.    What about the small donations item?

What about Bake Sales, “Toonie’s for Terry”, Christmas raffle, donations for Remembrance Day?  These items can still occur, with one difference,  these events are based upon “pocket change”.  Food based fundraising that is not tied to a company profiting (i.e. Entertainment Books for the entire community) from our students, is a natural part of school, and brings a great community feel without overwhelming parents.

4.    What about Year End Field Trips?

If a grade group is going on a trip that requires fundraising, it becomes their one item for the year.  This is done only with the families and surrounding family friends of that grade group.  For example, a group may: apply for FOM grants by completing a form from Administration.

School Routines for Fundraising

●      Approved by administration annually by October 30th and the School Fundraising Planning Form must be completed.

●      When a fundraiser occurs at any level, a communication is sent home outlining:

○      What is the fundraiser?

○      Why are we fundraising?

○      Who is involved?

○      Deadlines for giving

○      What is the money going towards?


Yearly Review

●      events are reviewed annually so that a sense of equity occurs

●      a charitable event where we are raising funds should not run for more than 3 years consecutively

●      students and teachers can work together to decide from year to year where the focus can be for the Local and Global Initiative


Home-School Communication

The Mitford school Weekly Newsletter is published on Friday and called the Fan-Out.  It is emailed out to families as well as posted on our School's website:

Throughout the month, other notices may also be sent home in order to keep everyone informed of upcoming events, field trips, meetings, etc. Mitford School Council information may also be sent home regularly. The school has its own web site where a variety of up-to-date information is regularly posted. The web site address is

Contact Information: If your phone numbers (home, work or cell), address, email or emergency contact information changes, please notify the school office immediately. It is very important that everything is current in case of a student emergency.

Phone use at the school: (It is important not to interrupt classroom learning )

●      All calls for staff will be forwarded to their voicemail unless the teacher has indicated to the office that they are expecting a call.

●      Students may use classroom/office phone for emergency situations and not for social arrangements.

●      If a parent needs to get in contact with their child, we kindly request they contact the office and not the student directly via text message or calling their cell phone, as this is very disruptive to the class. The office will pass the message along to the student at instructional breaks only, unless an emergency exists.



During the school year parents can assist teachers by establishing a quiet time each day where your child is encouraged to do his/her homework, read or review. Encourage your child to read regularly every evening. Formal written homework should amount to no more than approximately 20 minutes per evening for elementary age children and approximately one hour for middle years students. However, the quantity of homework will be influenced by the students’ use of class time. You can monitor your child’s work/assignments through you child’s agenda. For older students, you may access your child’s homework via their teacher’s calendar on their Moodle, Google Classroom or Plone page. (Look in your child’s grade for the teacher’s link.)


Learning Commons (Library)

The Learning Commons provides students with opportunities to develop skills to find, access and utilize all forms of information. Please encourage your child/children to take good care of all books. Our Learning Commons Specialist usually arranges for book fairs in conjunction with Parent/Teacher/Conferences. At that time, parents and children can purchase books, pencils, erasers, posters, etc. for a reasonable cost. Proceeds are spent on new books, computer software, etc.

Information pertaining to signing out books and overdue items can be found on the school website at:


Literacy Programming

A Literacy program is offered to students in all grades. All students will be assessed according to their reading level and appropriate programming and supports will be put in place to support students who are experiencing challenges. Response to Intervention (RTI) sessions occur in all Language Arts classrooms to support students with identified areas of challenge. Teachers will work with small groups of students on various aspects to improve fluency, word decoding and reading and comprehension.

More information can be found on the school website:


Lost and Found

Lost and found articles of clothing and other items are placed in the lost and found area at the back of the school. Please be sure to check monthly. At the end of every month,  the unclaimed items are packed up and donated to local charities. Smaller items (i.e. keys), money and jewelry should be handed in to the office.


Student Property

Teachers are like the old woman who lived in a shoe.

We have so many children, we don’t know what to do.

When the children wear boots, they all look the same,

So every single boot and coat should have a NAME.

And buy some name tags to sew in each hat,

Each sweater, each jacket and in mittens too,

This is a very wise thing to do.

Then in rain or snow or on days when there’s frost,

We’ll send children home with no clothes lost,

And a great big thanks will come your way,

From our happy staff each and every day.



All students are invited to eat their lunch at school. We have lunch from 10:50 to 11:10 pm and from 11:10 to 11:35 pm. All students are expected to spend a period of time outside for personal health and wellness. Throughout the year, organized lunch-time and intra-mural activities will take place during the lunch recess.

Off Campus Permission:

We are aware that some students go home at lunch on a routine basis.  Therefore we ask the following:

- Students from Grade 6 to 8, are allowed to leave school property only with parental permission form signed and expected to return on time for class. Parents and students are responsible for their conduct while off campus at lunch.Grade 6 students may only go home for lunch and Grade 7 and 8 students may visit stores on this side of Highway 22.


All students are expected to act in a respectful manner off-campus as they represent themselves and their families.

Chartwells operates a food service program within Mitford.  A full lunch or individual items may be ordered in person (before morning break for same day) or online.  More information can be found on our school website:


Allergy Aware School

To minimize risk to students with nut sensitivities we ask for no food items that contain nut products be sent/brought into the school.


Parking Guidelines

Morning and After School Drop Off Expectations

Please do not arrive prior to 7:55 a.m.  Supervisors come on at 7:55 a.m. and school starts at 8:05 a.m. School ends at 2:20pm and supervisors will be out until 2:45pm.

As a result of rapid growth, traffic congestion is a concern and we respectfully request that parents please walk their children to school. In front of the school, the drop off loop is now a drop and go area and vehicles cannot be parked or left unattended. Parents are asked to park on Quigley Drive and avoid West McDougall and the adjacent alley as the congestion complicates the exit of buses due to their limited turning radius. When parking in the community please do not block driveways or move garbage bins, as we would like to continue to build a positive relationship with our community neighbors. We understand that these are not easy requests, but traffic congestion often leads to unsafe conditions for our students and student safety is a primary concern. Please drive slowly, follow all traffic laws, and abide by parking and crosswalk signs in order to ensure the safety of our students and community members.

Dropping students off in the staff parking lot is not permitted.

Limited visitor parking is available in the front loop of the school. If these spaces are all taken, you will need to park along Quigley Drive.   When driving/parking on Quigley, please watch your speed (30km), please be aware of students walking along/crossing Quigley Drive, please refrain from making a U-turn on Quigley Drive to ensure the safety of all students.

After School Pick Up Expectations

If you are picking up (and staying in your vehicle), please park and meet your child at their designated doors.  Please follow the same parking/driving rules as listed above for morning drop off.

*PLEASE NOTE- as the number of cars leaving the school area during morning drop off and afternoon pick up is so great, there tends to be a 'bottleneck' effect.  This is when awareness and patience is extremely important.  There should only be one line of vehicles exiting the Front Entrance loop at this time.  Please alternate and allow parked cars and cars exiting to pull out.  Check your speed and please watch out for students walking through the parking lots, across driveways and crossing the street.

Thank you for your co-operation in helping to ensure that our students are safe.

Physical Education

One of the primary reasons Mitford School has a unique PE program is because research has documented the importance of year-round activity for our health, especially for children in colder climates like ours.  Learning to exercise in a variety of weather conditions and facilities is a part of the PE curriculum.

We can appreciate concerns about students going outside during colder temperatures.  Running a safe PE program, both indoors and outdoors, is our primary concern.  In colder temperatures we make sure that students are dressed appropriately for the weather (this includes a warm coat, toques and gloves).  While outside, students are moving around in order to maintain a warm core body temperature.  We modify activities as necessary in order to adapt to the weather conditions.  On extremely cold days we limit our time outside (for example: we will explain the activity inside, so less time is spent outside).   If the weather changes while we are outside and it is no longer safe to be outside, we bring the students in.

However we may be utilizing off-campus locations to enhance our PE programming. Students may be transported for additional programs at Spray Lakes Recreation Facility and other community facilities throughout the year to provide enhanced programming.


PowerSchool For Parents

This is a direct line of communication that is available any time. Parents and students (for Grade 6-8) can find up-to-date marks, attendance and other information on PowerSchool for parents (Parent Portal).  Parent and student ID and password information is available through the school office.

School link to log in:

For more detailed information about Powerschool for Parents can be found on the Rocky View Schools site:


Respiratory Sensitivity

Use of fragrances including perfumes, colognes, and body sprays can cause difficulties for individuals who suffer from asthma, or other respiratory illnesses, and who are prone to headaches. To maintain an optimal learning and working environment, we are asking our students, and staff, to only use these fragrances in the gym change rooms and/or washrooms, and to consider others when using these products.


School Behaviour Policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide a clear code of conduct for the use of all persons at Mitford School.  It is the product of collaboration between staff, parents and students and reflects the values and principles that we consider to be important to the school.  It will be reviewed periodically and will be responsive to changes within the school. Mitford School students, staff, and parents recognize the importance of a positive approach to student behaviour which promotes a happy, caring, and secure environment for all those who work in, or visit the school. The school shares RVS Board’s belief that student discipline is both necessary and desirable; it promotes a positive relationship between the school and student, which fosters mutual respect and responsibility.

The school recognizes its students’ obligation to the code of conduct in the School Act, Section 12:

“The student shall conduct him/herself so as to reasonably comply with the following codes of conduct:

●     be diligent in pursuing his/her studies

●     attend school regularly and punctually

●     co-operate fully with everyone authorized by the Board to provide education programs and other services

●     comply with the rules of the school

●     account to teachers for his/her conduct

●     respect the rights of others


●     The whole-school behaviour policy is understood and accepted by students, parents, and school staff.

●     All adults in the school accept responsibility for maintaining good behaviour through encouragement, praise and role modeling; all parties must apply the policy consistently.

●     A range of rewards and sanctions will be accessible and applicable to students of all ages and abilities.

●     The importance of ascertaining students’ views is valued.

●     The development of an active partnership between home and school is recognized as being critical to the success of promoting good behaviour.

●     Parents and students are welcome to discuss any individual or general behaviour issues or concerns with either the teacher or administrator.

Aims & Values:

●     Mitford School aims to provide a safe, caring and respectful atmosphere within a stimulating learning environment where everyone displays respect, tolerance, loyalty, co-operation, and trustworthiness.  In particular we believe it is important to:

○     foster positive, caring attitudes towards one another and to the environment

○     acknowledge and respect that every person within the school has a personal part to play in ensuring its well-being

○     support each member who needs help and encouragement (eg. nurturing self-esteem)

○     listen with care to the views and opinions of one another

○     take responsibility for our actions and recognize our personal obligation to accept the consequences of inappropriate behaviour

○     fulfill our duties, as members of the school community, with regard to punctuality, completion of work assignments, care for equipment and building, and co-operation with others


The following “Lions Code” is agreed to by students, staff and parents:

●     “I will be polite and respectful to others.”

●     “I will be kind and accepting of others.”

●     “I will be helpful and co-operative.”

●     “I will act sensibly and responsibly.”

●     “I will share and be fair.”

●     “I will always do my best and aim to learn and grow a little bit each day.”

Behavioural expectations will be applied consistently by all members of staff but there will be room for flexibility regarding use of specific disciplinary measures based upon:

●     the effect of student’s behaviour on others

●     the nature of the incident

●     previous conduct and previous disciplinary action

●     student’s age, maturity and individual needs

●     anticipated impact of proposed action on student

●     mitigating circumstances

●     views of parents (victim’s & aggressor’s)

Encouraging Good Behaviour:

Students are expected to adopt standards of acceptable behaviour at all times.  Good behaviour is encouraged through praise, and is acknowledged through a wide range of appropriate rewards. Samples of such rewards include but are not exclusive to:

●     comments/”smiley faces” & stickers on students’ work and/or Agendas

●     display of students’ work in class and/or school hallways sharing achievements with parents

●     special privileges with the use of school equipment/facilities/resources

●     verbal praise individually and in front of peers

●     certificates for particular achievements

●     celebration at whole-school recognition assemblies

●     opportunities for greater responsibilities in school life

Discouraging Unacceptable Behaviour:

Strategies for discouraging unacceptable behaviour must be seen as appropriate, fair, objective, consistent and reasonable.  Most behaviour problems can be dealt with calmly and firmly by immediate teacher response such as non-verbal signals (stern look/frown) or verbal reprimand.

However, where rules are deliberately broken there must be a clearly defined and consistently applied system of appropriate, incremental sanctions. This system works in the following way:

1. Students are sent to the office to complete the student section of a “Choices Form”. This form serves to get the student to reflect upon what they did, what they could have done differently and it provides a “cool down” time for the child.

2. After the student completes the form, the teacher/staff member who sent the child to the office completes the staff section. Teacher/staff member explains what happened/what they saw.

3. Administration then reviews the information and meets with the student to discuss the situation and appropriate consequences are applied. Consequences are based on the nature of the incident (minor to serious) and can include:

- verbal reprimands

- ”time out” at the office or a quiet space

- a written letter of apology

- call home to the parents/guardians

- school/class/community service

- CDA intervention program

- parent meeting

- in-school or out of school suspensions

- expulsion

There will be a NO TOLERANCE POLICY for the following:

●     use, possession, or contact with weapons

●     threats against others (physical or emotional)

●     assault (including harassment)

●     bullying

●     theft or extortion

●     willful vandalism

●     use of alcohol or tobacco

●     defiance of authority (including inappropriate language)

●     involvement with drugs or other controlled substances may result in recommendation for expulsion

●     other criminal activity


Rocky View School Division Guidelines state:

“The Board recognizes that preventative disciplinary measures are those which are the most effective.  These can be facilitated through programs established by the classroom teacher; administrator; counsellor; child development advisor (CDA); school resource team; psychologist; police and parent(s).  Such measures also include effective classroom management strategies; counselling; student advisory; peer support; and conflict resolution training.”

Mitford School welcomes this guidance and will use it when reviewing and evaluating the success of this policy.

This policy has been approved by: Mitford School Staff, Mitford School Council and Mitford School Students.


School Closure

In the event of inclement weather preventing bus travel to school, parents will be advised of any decision to close the school by announcements made on local radio stations as early as a decision can be reached. Closure information will also be posted on the Rocky View Website at  After students have been conveyed to school, the school WILL NOT be closed by the administration. Please ensure that your child wears appropriate footwear and clothing to accommodate for the weather. Schools in an individual attendance area may be closed as per the procedures established by the Local Emergency School Closure Committee if any of the following apply:

1.    Road or climate conditions are such that travelling to and from school is hazardous to the well-being of students.

2.    Road conditions prevent a sufficient number of staff from being available to ensure adequate instruction and supervision.

Ultimately it is the parent’s decision to determine the safety of your child’s travel to school.

Bus Cancellations/Delays

Bus routes may be cancelled when a driver feels the road / weather conditions are unsafe. This information will be recorded on the Rocky View Schools’ Transportation Late Bus Line at 403-250-0016.

More information can be found on Rocky View Schools website

Please remember if the buses do not run in the morning, the buses do not run after school.

School Council

The Mitford School Council is the parent advisory body for our school. The School Council is actively involved in all aspects of school life. Most policies and procedures are presented to School Council for support and ratification. In 1995, the government mandated the formation of school councils in order for parents to have a forum for input into their child’s education. One indicator to your child that education is worth your time is to be actively involved in School Council. Elections for directors are held each September and notices of all Executive and General Meetings are posted on the School Council Notice Board in the main hallway and on the school’s website @ .


School Fees & Supplies

Current fee amounts can be found on Rocky View Schools website: or on the Mitford website:

Payment methods:

You may pay by cheque (payable to Mitford School), cash or by School Cash Online at:

Beginning January 1, 2016 the School Cash Online program will be the only accepted form of payment for Board Established Instructional Resource Fees, School Established Optional Course Fees and School Established Optional Program Fees

An invoice for fees, along with a detailed letter about School Cash Online will be sent home in September.

Fees are set by Rocky View and do not include school based charges such as locks, gym strip, options and field trips.

Agendas and Supplies:

Students in grade 6 are provided with an agenda.


Students in grades 6 to 8 purchase their own school supplies. School supply lists are available on the school website at

Locks and Lockers:

Students in grades 6 to 8 are assigned a locker. Students may purchase a school lock from the office or purchase their own. This lock can be used for all 3 years at Mitford School. Any lost, broken or stolen locks can be replaced at the expense of the student at the office.

Band Instrument Rental Fee:

- $50.00 Caution Fee (one time)+ $160.00 yearly

- Applies to students who rent a musical instrument from the Board

- Caution fee is fully refundable when student leaves band program and instrument is returned in good condition, normal wear and tear considered

- Summer rental fee is an additional $90.00

Percussion Rental Fee - $30.00

- Applies to students who play band percussion instruments owned by the Board

Other charges:

Damaged or lost textbooks or library books: (Cost of repair or replacement).

Career and Technology Foundation (CTF) Options:

CTF fees will be based upon student enrolment in Option Classes.  Information will be provided to parents who will be asked to work in conjunction with their child to finalize option choices.  Students will be enrolled in option classes based upon their preferences and class availability.  Parents will be invoiced for option classes in the month of September, and again as options are assigned for terms 2 & 3.


Fee Waivers and Rebates:

Board Established Instructional Resource Fees Rebate

Instructional Resource Fee limit for Grades 1 - 12 is $360.00 per family/year. Rebate form is available on RVS School Fees link below. The deadline for submisson of the rebate form is June 30th of the current school year.

Board Established Instructional Resource Fees and School Established Optional Course Fees Waiver

Instructional Resource Fees for Grades 1 - 12 and School Established Optional Course Fees, upon application, shall be waived for parents of students who receive the GST credit from the Government of Canada. Waiver form is available on the RVS School Fees link below.  The deadline for submission of the waiver form is June 30th of the current school year.


Student Accident Insurance

Student Accident insurance is optional. Forms can be found on the Rocky View website:


Student Evaluation

The evaluation of student learning at Mitford School will comply specifically with Policy HK of the Rocky View School Division Policy Handbook. Students will undergo continual evaluation of achievement throughout the year in the following areas:

●     Day-to-day assignments including class work, inquiry based projects, and homework.

●     Teacher anecdotal notes and evaluation of students’ skills.

●     Teacher-constructed tests and quizzes.

●     Notebooks and workbooks.

●     Summative and Formative recording

●     Provincial Achievement Tests for  grades 6 and 9.

Evaluation will also be made on effort, attitude, conduct, and personal relationships of the student. Students are encouraged to adopt self and peer evaluation strategies.

Parents are urged to contact the teacher(s) involved with any questions concerning the progress of their children.

Promotions and Retentions

Not all children are ready to acquire certain skills or concepts at the same time. It makes sense then, that they will progress through the school curriculum at different rates of speed. As much as possible, we will provide the opportunity for students to continuously progress without the stigma of being retained or appearing to have “failed”. In special cases, we may recommend that a child be retained; both the student and parents will be notified in advance (usually in April) if such a recommendation is to be discussed. Decisions will always be the product of collaboration and consultation of all parties involved.

Report Cards & Student, Parent & Teacher Conferences

Mitford School will host an annual “Welcome Back”/“Meet the Staff” social event in early September. There will be three formal reporting periods. During  term one we will hold a Student/Parent/Teacher conference for Grades K to 8 on two evenings. Term two we will hold Teacher/Parent requested conferences for Grades 4 to 8 on two evenings.

Parents can register and book Conferences and Showcases online at (note there is no ‘www’ in the URL). Parents can register for a log in ID at any time during the school year.  Conference booking times will be publicized in our newsletter and by email.

Report Cards

Over three years, Rocky View Schools is implementing consistent reports for Grades 6 through 8. Our school participated in the first year of the roll-out last year and parent feedback helped determine some revisions you will see in the report this year.

The reports are designed to be just one piece of an overall Communication of Student Learning process, which includes student/teacher/parent meetings, student portfolios of work, and learning showcases and exhibitions.

The reports contain a number of features:

●      An assessment of your child’s growth in development of 21st Century Learner Competencies, those skills and abilities that will enable your child to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

●      An assessment of your child’s progress in the general learning outcomes outlined in the Alberta Programs of Study for each core subject area: English Language Arts (Literacy), Mathematics (Numeracy), Social Studies and Science. In this assessment your child’s level of understanding is evaluated on a scale that ranges from Limited through to Mastering. Progress is determined by the student’s ability to demonstrate the learning in increasingly more complex tasks, with increasing independence.

●      An assessment at least once each year of whether your child is at, above, or below grade level expectations for literacy and numeracy.

●      Finally, the reports feature plenty of comment space where teachers will highlight areas of strength, areas for growth, and the next steps to learning.


Mitford Academic Awards

Award of Excellence

- Students must achieve Mastery in all COre Subjects and Mastering in two of the following: Health, PE or 2 CTF

Honour Roll

- Students must achieve Advancing in all Core Subjects and Advancing in one of the following: Health, PE or CTF

Learning Champions

- Any Students that have improved 1 or more academic indicators in 2 or more academic subjects and one of the following: Health, PE or CTF

Attendance Award

- Very good attendance recognized at 97% attendance and above.  This recognizes students that might have to miss for appointments or illness.

Principal's Award

- This award is handed to one female and one male in Grade 8 and awarded for overall School Spirit.  Could be a combination of volunteering, school spirit, academic and ahtleticism and overall contribution to our complete school body.

Mitford Pride Awards

ROAR Award (citizenship)

- The grade teams will select one male and one female from each grade based on the following criteria:

1. Participation in student government or organization of school activities.

2. Volunteers or helps out in the classroom or in the community.

3. Leadership qualities that motivate others to action for the benefit of the school or the community.

4. Contributes positively to the school culture.

5. A good scholastic record.

6. Regular school attendance.

When the awards are presented, this blurb will be read:

The ROAR award is given to those students who exemplify the four components of our ROAR motto; social responsibility, celebrating originality, taking action and demonstrating respect. These exceptional young citizens actively participate in organizing and running school activities, help out inside and out of the classroom and possess leadership qualities that motivate their peers to take action.

Mitford Pride Award

- One male and one female from each grade will be chosen by their peers based on the following criteria:

1. Treats all students and staff members with respect.

2. Is honest, polite, hard working and a good role model for his/her peers.

3. Goes out of their way to help others.

When the awards are presented, this blurb will be read:

The Mitford Pride Award is given to those students whose integrity make them positive role models in the school. These students were nominated by their peers for being polite, honest, respectful and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Mitford Athletic Awards

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: is determined by the coach or coaches and is the player that best meets the following criteria:

●      Consistently performs at a high level of performance

●      Demonstrates leadership qualities, sportsmanship and teamwork

●      Valuable asset to the success of the team

●      Is a positive role model for athletes on the team

MOST IMPROVED PLAYER: is determined by the coach or coaches and is the player that best meets the following criteria:

●      Shows the most improvement over the duration of the season or competition

●      Demonstrates a willingness to learn and grow as a player (coachable)

●      Works hard and consistently has a positive attitude

HEART AND SOUL AWARD: is determined by the coach or coaches and is the player that best meets the following criteria:

●      Has a desire and passion for their sport

●      Dedicated to improving their skills

●      Excellent team spirit

●      Has a positive attitude towards school, shows leadership skills, sportsmanship and demonstrates respect on and off the court


Student Services

Mitford School is fortunate to have a number of agencies which support the school in many ways:

RVS Psychologist: A chartered psychologist who provides cognitive, intellectual, and behavioral assessment upon request, after the Resource Team has reviewed the student’s needs.

Program Specialist: A divisional resource specialist who provides academic assessments, program planning and oversees the implementation of IPPs. They act as a liaison between school and RVS Student Services.

Speech/Language Pathologist: The SLP is contracted through Calgary Health Services to provide services to students with language and/or speech difficulties.

REACH: A specialized team of therapists, contracted through Calgary, to provide services to certain high needs students.

Nurse: A regular visitor who informs the school about infectious diseases, inoculates students and periodically liaises directly with parents.

Family School Liaison Worker: A specialist who regularly visits school and works in conjunction with the school’s staff to

monitor and provide social services to students and their families in the Mitford area.


Travelling to and from School

Many students walk to and from school each day. They are expected to use the appropriate road crossing and to set a positive example for younger students to copy. Students are welcome to ride their bikes, scooters or skateboards to and from school, but they are expected to “walk” their bikes, scooters or skateboards when on the school property (for safety reasons). Bike racks are provided for securing bikes, scooters or skateboards, safely during the school day. Scooters and/or skateboards can be brought into the school; however, they need to be stored in lockers or classrooms (with teacher’s permission). Scooters and skateboards can not be left in the hallways, for safety reasons. Students who travel to and from school by car may be dropped off quickly in the front loop of the school.

Students within our school boundaries who live more than 1.5 km (ECS - Gr 8) from school are provided with bus transportation to and from school (no bus service is provided at noon for kindergarten students). Registration and payment can be completed online at  If you have any queries regarding bus service, please call 403-945-4104. The late bus line can be accessed by dialing 403-250-0016.

Parents are required to contact their Bus Contractor (403-932-5686) to receive authorization for their child to ride a bus other than their own, or to disembark at another stop. Parents should be prepared to indicate bus route numbers and the name(s) of their child(ren). Requests will be fulfilled based on seat availability. Please note: this service is not available during the month of September.


For security reasons, ALL visitors must sign in at the office and receive a visitor’s pass.  Visitors of students may only be allowed on school premises with the consent of an administrator.

School Visitation

Parents are always welcome in our growing school

However, are you aware that we have this helpful rule?

If you want to observe the class or meet to discuss and look,

If you want to see your child or drop off a book;

Then please check in to the office first to see if we are free.

Drop off books and lunches there and, if possible, wait for me.

Or phone me first to set a time when we can freely chat.

We thank you for your consideration. We really appreciate that!



For security reasons, ALL volunteers must sign in at the office and receive a volunteer’s pass.

A Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Check must be completed and a copy must submitted to the school office prior to volunteer activities. Rocky View Schools considers criminal record checks to be valid for a period of five years.  We will request an “Annual Statutory Declaration” if you have a criminal record check on file.  Forms for Volunteer criminal record checks are available in the school office.

Volunteers play a very important role in helping us to provide a quality education for all students. Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, older siblings, guardians and grandparents are certainly welcome. Volunteers may be asked to prepare classroom materials, read with students, create bulletin boards, photocopy materials, serve hot lunches, help in the library, accompany students on field trips, etc.

Check out our volunteer program and sign up to indicate your areas of interest on the school website.

As far as we are concerned, Volunteers are #1!


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