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Principal Mr. P. Fultz RVS Email
Assistant Principal    
Mr. B. Nordoft      
RVS Email
Secretary II
Mrs. A. Fordham
RVS Email     
Secretary III Mrs. T. Deitz RVS Email

Grade Five

Class 5.1 Mme Martin RVS Email
Class 5.2 Ms. A Kendell RVS Email
Class 5.3 Mr. P. Lipman RVS Email

Grade Five/Six Blend

Class 5.4/6.4 Ms. Kloosterman RVS Email

Grade Six

Class 6.1
Ms. J. Parker RVS Email
Class 6.2 Mrs. S. Weaver RVS Email
Class 6.3 Mr. K. Lo RVS Email

Grade Seven

Class 7.1

Ms. J Kuziw

RVS Email
Class 7.2

Mrs. C. Mills

RVS Email

Class 7.3 Ms. Abushaban

RVS Email

Grade Eight

Class 8.1 Ms. K. Bishop RVS Email
Class 8.2 Mr. S. Roen RVS Email
Class 8.3 Ms. Rowe RVS Email

Student Support

Child Development Advisor (CDA) Mrs. G. McManus RVS Email
Learning Support Teacher Mr. N. Crowe
RVS Email
Learning Assistant Mrs. J. Smith RVS Email
Learning Assistant Mrs. Peterson RVS Email
Learning Assistant
Mrs. Simpson RVS Email
Learning Assistant Ms. Glimour RVS Email
Learning Assistant Ms. Williams RVS Email
Connector/Indigenous Ms. Jacquie Simons RVS Email

Music, PE, Library, Technology

Band Teacher
Ms. S. Rowe
RVS Email
PE Specilalist Ms. Sekulich RVS Email
School Technologist Ms. Laroque RVS Email
Learning Commons Facilitator Ms. K Frey RVS Email

Building Maintenance

Head Building Operator
Mr. M. Nafura
Evening Building Operator
Mr. P. Michaud
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