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  • History Channel - encyclopedia information as well as video and audio
  • Biography - find over 20,000 biographies online at

Language Arts & Literature

Library Literary Links


  • Cool Math 4 Kids - math site designed for kids
  • Kids Numbers - math website for kids to learn math step by step
  • Math is Fun - learn about money and data; play puzzles and games
  • Fun Mathematics Lessons by Cynthia Lanius - learn about graphing, shapes, ratios, and money
  • - the Internet Public Library's links to math sites for kids
  • IXL Math Practice - math skills practice for Kindergarten - Grade 3
  • CTK Math Games For Kids:  Games, Puzzles and Activities
  • This site present a collection of games and puzzles with mathematical contents and a few practice exercises disguised as games.
  • Interactive Resources This portal to interactive mathematics sites designed for grades one through six.  It includes algebra patterns and function, place value, money, arithmetic operations, time graphing, measurement, fractions, decimals, and geometry.
  • Math Cats This is a site for primary elementary grade students that uses attractive animation to teach arithmetic operations, conversions, measurement, estimation, geometry, and other related topics.
  • The Math Playground This graphically appealing site offers elementary and middle school students an entertaining way to learn word problems, logic games, and mathematics games.  This site also contains printable worksheets, interactive quizzes, and practice facts.
  • Mathematical Interactivities – Puzzles, Games, and Other Online Educational Resources Students here can play unique mathematical games, and find out how to do number tricks and more on this interesting site.  Teachers should preview the games before assigning them because some of the sites are not self-explanatory and do not provide adequate feedback.
  • Number Worlds Elementary Mathematics Program The Number Worlds program is a research curriculum that teaches the specific math concept and skills needed for later mathematical learning.

General Science


Health and Safety

  • Amazing Human Body - activities and information about how different parts of the body work
  • Kids Health - guide to the body, feelings, fitness, health, and recipes for kids and parents
  • Caring for Kids - child and youth health information from the Canadian Paediatric Society

Social Studies

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