Our School


In our student-centric school, how students achieve learning outcomes is tailored to their individual strengths, areas for growth, preferences, interests, and learning styles.


In our student-focused collaborative culture, student learning and skill development is driven by hands-on, real-world, problem-solving experiences that are relevant to students’ lives. 

Learning Principles

At Mitford School, we are committed to building a 21st Century student-centric learning community that embraces the following principles:

Student  and Teacher Learning

  • student and teacher learning is our priority.

  • balance in academic, athletic and creative endeavours.

  • all are empowered to think, make decisions, transfer key understandings, acquire new skills, and work together in a collaborative learning culture.

  • students and teachers are a part of the learning team.

  • students and teachers serve as mentors, coaches, guides and instructors.


  • literacy and numeracy is embedded in every learning experience.

  • students are empowered to make choices and to take ownership for their own learning.

  • students participate in a blended learning approach, where they move seamlessly between face-to-face and digital environments.

  • we provide students with multiple means of acquiring knowledge and of expressing what they've learned.

  • we develop rich 21st Century competency-based tool boxes that allow students to resolve perplexing and engaging issues resulting in growth and “aha” moments.

  • we remove barriers to learning and create opportunity for exploration within and outside our classrooms where students and teachers can tinker with learning that inspires them to delve deeper into the key understandings.

  • we believe that formative and summative assessment should guide learning.

  • we foster an inclusive classroom that enables students to work towards becoming self directed learners.

Partnership and Community-Based Learning

  • we value and celebrate our diversity.

  • we honour mentorship from outside and within our community.

  • we partner with our parents and the local community to create unique learning experiences.

  • we serve our local and global communities by building understanding and generating action items that improve the quality of life for all.

Our School Motto: 
Relevant, Real World & Hands on! 
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