Our School

About Our School

Mitford School is a Grade 5 to Grade 8 English and French Immersion middle school.  Mitford has been in operation since 1994 adding French Immersion in 2023/2024. The school is located in the community of West Valley with a breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains.  We are home to students residing in the Bow Ridge, Glenbow, Greystone, Heartland, Jumping Pound, Riverview, and West Valley communities of Cochrane.

Mitford School serves approximately 400 students with enrolment numbers projected to increase each year. We have a beautifully maintained building with plenty of space and room to grow. We currently operate using 15 classrooms, which includes a band room, foods room, music room and fabrication shop.  Our Learning Commons is one and a half stories with both English and French books.  Our Gymnasium is not only home to our Mitford Lions physical education classes but also hosts many fun events and activities which we are excited to share with you throughout the school year. 

We are a student-centered school with dedicated staff, a supportive and involved Administration team, with several extra-curricular activities for your child to become involved in.  We believe every child has a right to thrive by providing the best education and support possible.  We believe it is important to build each other up and to help our students maintain a positive self-image by working together to meet student needs.  Mitford staff aims to help students find their strengths and areas of growth to ensure students achieve success and meet their full potential as academic, social and physical learners.


At Mitford, our Circle of Strength is to care, connect, belong, and grow together.

Mitford’s four core values are caring, connecting, belonging, and growing.


Our Circle of Strength nurtures our students and community by fostering whole-child development and lifelong learning.

Our Education Plan

Advancing Students’ Numeracy and Literacy Skills

Numeracy and literacy skills remain the cornerstone of learning; building these skills in students is critical for all our teachers. RVS is committed to using proven, research-based, effective strategies to help students read, write and perform math. Our AERR will showcase the results of this focus.

At Mitford, students advance their numeracy and literacy skills through

  • CTF (Options) where students Make, Do, and Create
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) Programming
  • myBlueprint Digital Portfolio

Building Future-Ready Students

RVS students will be ready for the future, in any path they choose. This will be accomplished through the achievement of Alberta student competencies: critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, collaboration, managing information, cultural and global citizenship, creativity and innovation, and personal growth and well-being.

At Mitford, we support building future-ready students through

  • Literacy assessments and support including LLI programming
  • Student inquiry, and critical thinking in STEAM programming
  • Numeracy assessments and supports including Mathletics
Mitfords Matrix in English and in French

Creating Inclusive, Engaging, Healthy Learning Opportunities for all Students

While focusing on numeracy, literacy and critical student competencies, RVS students will also find joy and engagement in their learning. Consistent teaching practices help to create positive and inclusive learning experiences for everyone; RVS will use division practice guides to assist with this to help create inclusive, engaging and healthy learning opportunities for all.

At Mitford, we create inclusive, engaging, healthy learning opportunities for all students through

  • PBIS (Positive Behaviour Intervention Support) programming

Behavior Matrix - English

Behavior Matrix - French

  • Student Leadership opportunities and events
  • Mitford House Team spirit activities

Land Acknowledgment

Rocky View Schools would like to acknowledge the land and recognize all the Indigenous Peoples whose footprints have marked these lands from time immemorial. Together, we can learn and honour the Ways of Knowing of Indigenous Peoples for all future generations.