Real Time Reporting and Supporting Every Mitford Learner

Mitford School is student-centric, and students achieve learning outcomes tailored to their individual strengths, areas for growth, preferences, interests, and learning styles.

In the 2020-21 School Year Mitford School has launched Real Time Reporting which measures student progress based upon standards or outcome-based assessment.

  • What is outcomes-based assessment? Outcomes-based assessment is when a teacher examines the evidence of learning for the outcome to determine a student’s proficiency (level of understanding) with the outcome. Often, the most recent evidence replaces old evidence. For example, if Jonny only knew 3/10 numbers in September, but knows 10/10 numbers in December, what does he know? Should the teacher average the scores, or use the most recent evidence to determine what he knows? In this example, the most recent evidence is a more accurate measure.
  • Can you explain the RVS inidcators and how they work? Here is a helpful document to support families with an understanding of our RVS progress indicators for your information.
  • How are all learners supported? At Mitford school, we support the needs of all students. The preceding link will offer some insight into our apporach to supporting all learners.
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