Numeracy Support for 2019 - 2020


  • Build Strong Numeracy Programming

What & How

  • The Key Math Assessment measures mathematical concepts and skills. This assessment is used as a baseline measurement for those students who struggle with specific math concepts. The Key Math Essential Resources program provides scaffolding support for teachers to provide enhanced and targeted specific. programming for students
  • 4-8- Benchmarking (Key Math only for those student below grade level)
  • RTI-utilizing Key Math-Scaffolding for students requiring additional support
  • Use of Inquiry Projects that have relevancy, real world and hands. For examples students will use real world objects to manipulate and practice numerical experiences and activities.

Benefits for Students

  • Effective Math programming that ensures appropriate scaffolding for students that are falling behind.
  • Assessments that direct programming around the needs of a the child.
  • Targeted support for students.
  • Inquiry projects that engage students with real world and hands on activities.

Our Progress

  • Key Math assessment for students that are falling behind.
  • Key Math- scaffolding for students around areas of need.
  • Inquiry based projects that provide real world and hands on activities such as CanConstruction.


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